Books and Edited Volumes

The following list includes books by NPC Faculty or volumes published as a result of NPC Research Conferences.

Abandoned Families: Social Isolation in the Twenty-First Century
Kristin Seefeldt
Publication Date: December 2016

$2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America
Kathryn Edin and H. Luke Shaefer
Publication Date: September 2015

America's Poor and the Great Recession
Kristin Seefeldt and John Graham
Publication Date: September 2013

Legacies of the War on Poverty
Martha J. Bailey and Sheldon Danziger (editors)
Publication Date: July 2013

Immigration, Poverty and Socioeconomic Inequality
David Card and Steven Raphael (editors)
Publication Date: July 2013

Changing Poverty, Changing Policies
Maria Cancian and Sheldon Danziger (editors)
Publication Date: September 2009


Insufficient Funds: Savings, Assets, Credit, and Banking among Low-Income Households
Rebecca M. Blank and Michael S. Barr (editors)
Publication Date: April 2009


Working After Welfare: How Women Balance Jobs and Family in the Wake of Welfare Reform
Kristin Seefeldt
Publication Date: December 2008


Income Volatility and Food Assistance in the United States
Dean Jolliffe and James P. Ziliak (editors)
Publication Date: October 2008


The Colors of Poverty
Ann Chih Lin and David R. Harris (editors)
Publication Date: August 2008


Making Americans Healthier
Robert F. Schoeni, James S. house, Gerge A. Kaplan, and Harold Pollack (editors)
Publication Date: January 2008


The Price of Independence
Sheldon Danziger and Cecilia Elena Rouse (editors)
Publication Date: December 2007


Working and Poor
Rebecca M. Blank, Sheldon Danziger and Robert F. Shoeni (editors)
Publication Date: December 2006