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Welfare Reform and Children's Living Arrangements.

April 2004

Marianne P. Bitler, RAND Corporation. Jonah B. Gelbach, University of Maryland. Hilary W. Hoynes, University of California, Davis and NBER.

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Relatively little is known about the impact of welfare reform on children's living arrangements, which was an important focus of reformers. We use data from the March CPS to examine this question. Our findings suggest three main conclusions. First, welfare reform in some cases has had large e ects on parental co-residence among children. Second, those effects are neither entirely aligned with the stated goals of reform nor entirely in spite of these goals. Third, there is a great deal of treatment effect heterogeneity both with respect to racial and ethnic groups and with respect to whether reforms were waivers, TANF in states that had waivers, or TANF in states that did not.

Child Well-being and Child Development, Welfare Reform and the Administration of Welfare Programs